Corrections Committee

Corrections Committee


Bridging the Gap Program

The Corrections Bridging the Gap program assists inmates in getting plugged into the AA community once they have been released from prison or jail. The first step of this program is to set up a mail correspondence between AA members and inmates. The idea in to introduce inmates to sober members of Alcoholics Anonymous by having an AA member write to an inmate. We introduce ourselves by qualifying briefly in an opening letter. We try to let the inmate know that writing like all forms of sharing, helps us as much as it helps him or her. Letting the inmate know that they are not alone, we share sobriety and sobriety only. No emotional or romantic involvement should be developed. In the spirit of the twelfth Tradition, we respect the anonymity of our correspondents. We encourage “inside” AA group activity and stress the importance of that first meeting the day the inmate leaves confinement. We encourage “inside” correspondents to notify “us” (the AA member) prior to their release so that we can set up a pre-release contact from their home community. We can set this up through Central Office. We can also, if willing, set it up so that we (the AA correspondent) can take the inmate to his or her first outside meeting, finally meeting the new AA member and introducing the to AA in their community as well as other communities. Please always make sure that the return address you use is:

Attn: Your First Name
Corrections Bridging the Gap
Oahu Central Office
P.O. Box 2384 
Honolulu, HI 96804

If this sounds like a form of service that interests you, contact the Corrections chair!

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