Archives Committee

Archives Committee

Area 17 Archives are digitized! To browse the shelves of committee meeting and assembly documents from 1975 through 2002, go to Archives

To search document titles, go to the search box in the upper right hand corner of the page (“search archives”).  And keep watching for more improvements!


  1. Panel 67 Area Archives Chair: Kathy S. [[email protected]]
  2. Permanent Area Archivist: Linda McD. [[email protected]]

Archives Service

  1. Read the Spring 2010 Box 459‘s excellent article on the AA archives!
  2. 5 Easy Tasks for the Archives Committee
  3. Suggestions for collecting group histories using the form (#4. below)
  5. Long Timers Interview
  6. GSO Archives Questionnaire– Help with the archives, here’s a PDF form from GSO that asks questions about yourself or your group to keep a record of sobriety in Hawaii Area 17.


For earlier reports, see the Panel 61 web site.

Video History!
This video was written and produced for the June 1995 Founder’s Day Celebration and the information contained within it is current only as of that date. This movie is in Quicktime format.

Podcast Histories