Committee Meeting Registration

This page is for the use of those attending the next area committee meeting: Area Officers, DCMS, and Standing Committee Chairs.

You may use this form to register for Hawaii Area 17’s October 2017 Committee Meeting to be held October 28, 2017 and hosted by the Windward District (#4) on the island of O’ahu. Filling out this form and submitting it will send email to the event chair for District 4 -Windward as well as to those responsible for event registration, homestay, and transportation. You will also receive an email verifying that the information was sent. Please do not fill out the form multiple times unless you are sure you didn’t get confirmation. If you have a spam mailbox, check it as well if there if no confirmation in your inbox.

More information about this Committee Meeting can be found on the Events Calendar entry for the meeting.

Committee Meeting Registration
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Other Requirements
  1. Homestay
  2. Homestay Nights
  3. Airport Transportation

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