What to take back Elections Assembly Panel 65 2016

What to Take Back 2016 Election Assembly November 12-13, 2016

1. Following the Third Legacy Procedure, we elected the Panel 67 officers for Area 17:

  • Delegate – Bob H
  • Alternate Delegate – Coleen A.
  • Chair – Kunane D.
  • Alternate Chair – Tommy G.
  • Treasurer – Mike K.
  • Secretary – Deborah S.
  • Registrar- Rachel S.2. We elected Scott C. as the Area17 nominee for Trustee At Large.

    3. Committee Chair – Panel 67 Area 17 Officers in the process of the selection process. If you would like to be considered, send an email to [email protected] by November 26th. Include full name, address, address, email address, service experience, and committee you would like to chair.

    4. GSR Change Form: Hopefully, At the Election Assembly, you filled this form out and gave it to the area registrar. But if you didn’t, new GSRs who are elected to serve on Panel 67, please complete the GSR Change form and submit it to the Area 17 Registrar. WRITE CLEARLY, scan, and email to [email protected]

    6. Reports for this assembly are online at area17aa.org

    7. Share the literature GSO brought and shared with us at the Pacific Regional Forum. Also share the reports and your own experience.

    8. The 2017 Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly will be held in Sacramento, CA the weekend of March 3-5. Hotels close to the convention center are filling up, so if you are planning on going, you might want book your flight and make your hotel reservation sooner rather than later. If you use the Hawaiian Airline, you can save 5% by booking your flight through the Preferred Affiliate program. Go to area17aa.org for more information.

    9. The Orientation Assembly for Panel 67 will be January 14-15, 2017 in Kihei, Maui. This is a two day assembly that will cover a wide range of information helpful for GSRs, DCMs, Committee Chairs, Intergroup Chairs and officers serving on this panel, and/or new to area general service. Please register early and let the host district know if you need transportation and/or homestay.

    10. Share your own experience from this assembly, and from serving on this panel. What you saw, heard and felt is important so please share what was important to you.

    11. Also consider making yourself available to share your experience and help the next group of trusted servants. We have all gained experiences, learned a lot and are uniquely qualified to help others in service. Remember how you felt when you were new to your service position, and share what helped you.

    12. Remember to share the Panel 65 Summary with your group, and thank them for supporting and sharing in the responsibility of creating unity with each other, and with AA as a whole.

    Thank you for your service, and thank you for a remarkable two years,

    Coleen A., Area 17 Chair