Air Travel

Hawaii Area 17 is a remote community consisting of remote communities. In order to further our unity in the Fellowship we do our best to hold our Area Assemblies and Committee Meetings on different islands throughout the year. Much like other geographically challenging locations, Alaska for one, this requires that we fly between locations as driving isn’t an option.

In order to keep costs down, especially in a world where fuel costs are continually rising, we ask that you book your flights as early as possible, hopefully as soon as dates for upcoming events are announced.

It’s also especially important that you make reservations that will allow you to participate fully in each Assembly or Committee Meeting. Please plan on arriving on time and staying until we have concluded all our business. We understand that this can be difficult but it is part of our service commitment. In addition, arrivals or departures during the sessions may require other trusted servants to miss part of the event in order to take you to/from the airport.

Finally, if you are choosing Hawaiian Airlines as your carrier, consider booking through the Hawaiian Airlines Affiliate Website. The term “Affiliate Program” does not imply that we are affiliated or endorsing Hawaiian Airlines. The name is their choice, not ours, and this is not something special they are offering us because we are Alcoholics Anonymous. Any group can become an affiliate group. Airline programs are used for many A.A. events, including the International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous.

This is an opportunity for Hawaii Area 17 to accumulate miles that can be used for future Area 17 air travel through their Preferred Affiliate Program. Here’s how it works:

  • You will need to go to the Hawaiian Airlines Affiliate Website and enter the Preferred Affiliate Program Code: HAWAIIAREA to book your reservations.
  • You will receive a 5% Discount for travel between Hawaii – Mainland, and Hawaii Area will earn one mile for each dollar spent using this code. Each traveler will continue to receive their individual miles.There is no discount on interisland travel but Hawaii Area will earn one mile for each dollar spent and each traveler will continue to receive their individual miles.


Again, it isn’t necessary that you choose Hawaiian Airlines, indeed we encourage you to look for the lowest cost flight on any carrier that will allow you to participate completely in our Assemblies and Committee Meetings, but should that carrier be Hawaiian Airlines, please consider the Affiliate Program and help us accumulate miles towards future travel.


Panel 63 Officers