67th GSC Final Report

Aloha kakou!

Our 2017 Budget Assembly is fast approaching, August 26-27 in West Hawaii. As you may know, the budget is only one of the agenda items, besides the budget, it to take a look at the 67th General Service Conference Final Report.

My report-backs were my report on my journey to the Conference, what I saw, heard, felt, and did. The 67th General Service Conference Final Report is the official report of the doings of the Conference. We’ll be taking some time to go over the final report so that we know how to approach it, what’s in it, and how to discuss it with the Fellowship.

New this year, and as a direct result of an action by the 67th GSC, this year’s final report is available in an anonymity protected PDF version. You may know that we bring in about 250 printed copies of the report. While this is enough for groups participating in Area Service through their GSR to have a copy, it falls short of making a copy available to the thousands of members throughout our area. This new version can and should be distributed to all Hawaii AA members. The Conference, though it may seem remote and not of local interest, it held by and for all AA members in the US and Canada. The Conference exists to help keep AA alive for future generations and we all have a stake in that.

I’m attaching a PDF copy of the report here and I encourage you as DCMS, Standing Committee Chairs, and Area Officers, to distribute it to your email lists, GSRS, committee members, and other interested parties. I have also spoken with our Pacific Regional Trustee, Joel C., as well as the other delegates from the Pacific Region, and there is no impediment or concern about posting this on our website and indeed, most of the Pacific Region area websites either have it up or will soon. Therefore I am asking our webmaster to post it on our website both on the Budget Assembly page and under our Service Material tab so that is available to us throughout this panel and beyond.

I encourage everyone to at least glance through it before the assembly, and encourage the GSRS in your district and on your committees to do the same, so that we at least a bit of familiarity with it before we discuss it. We have a lot on our plate this assembly and it’s always good to arrive prepared. Please know that besides the PDF version, we do have the regular printed copies, about half our order has already arrived, and we will be distributing them at the assembly, It isn’t necessary to print out the PDF in order for us to discuss the report.

To aid in finding our way through the report, Linda J., the Area 29 Maryland Panel 66 Delegate put together a brief index to the report and I’m including here as well.

Here’s a link to the documents:

67th GSC Final Report (Anonymity Protected_ English)

Index for Final Conference Report.2017

I’m looking foward to seeing you all in West Hawaii very soon and want to thank you again for allowing me to be of service to you as your panel 67 delegate. This final report has special meaning to me now that I’ve participated in a Conference. But please know, you have participated in the Conference as well through your participation in General Service in bringing the voice of your group to our assemblies. Thank you for your participation.

Yours in love and service,

Bob H
Area 17 Hawaii
Panel 67 Delegate