2016 PRAASA – Alt Delegate Report #03

Aloha again! I’m posting twice today because a lot has been going on during this ‘non-PRAASA day and if I put writing about it, well it’ll never happen.

After running my errands I headed back to my hotel for a short break when it was time to head back to the PRAASA site and greet our both our Delegate, Cheryl N., and our Chair, Coleen A. And, of course, there were lots of other folks around, yes, some from Hawaii. It really is great to see how many of us attend PRAASA from Hawaii.

After a quick computer check Cheryl, Coleen, and I head out to a great food co-op where we all bought a few supplies. I then headed back to my hotel room across town and got in a much needed nap.

In the late afternoon I was back at the convention center for registration. Even though this isn’t an official day of PRAASA, it really is the start, at least for me. I picked up my packet and started greeting and chatting with fellow servants from all over the Pacific Region.

At 7:30pm we had our regular pre-PRAASA AA meeting. This is a small-t tradition at PRAASA, not part of the event, but something many of try to make. It’s clear that the shares, usually about how much General Service or PRAASA has meant to the person are heartfelt, truly spoken in the language of the heart. Sometimes of course, while no less heartfelt, they take a humorous turn, “My sponsor told me to say something. I’m done. Thank you.” That was my favorite this year.

I also have a bit of non-news to pass on. Many of you have been wondering about the Pacific Regional Forum, coming up this September 30 – October 2 at the Hilton Waikoloa. Specifically i’m getting a lot of questions about an hotel discount code. I’ve checked with GSO and that information will be coming out soon. I don’t have an exact date but it shouldn’t be long. The information, when it is available will be posted on the aa.org website’s Regional and Local Forum page. There are five forums listed for this year, happening in June, July, August, September (ours), and October. Information has been posted for the those in June and July, an “additional” forum for the Southwest region and Eastern Canada region. Western Canada, the Pacific (us), and the Southeast regions are listed but do not have information posted yet. I check this page on a regular basis and will let you know just as soon as there’s more information to report.

And finally, I wanted to let you know that once again it seems I’ve been wrong! Go figure! I’d thought that our upcoming Pacific Regional Forum was a first for us in Hawaii, that we’d only had a special forum in the past. Nope. According to Greg M., our past General Office manager and past delegate from Hawaii we have had a regular one. He passed on that information, by the way, in the manner of a friendly private correction after the big meeting tonight when I’d made sure to invite everyone to join us on Hawaii Island later this year. Live and learn.

That’s it for the night. Tomorrow I’ll be headed to an early AA meeting and then out to breakfast with some of our friends from Alaska, another Area in the Pacific Region that is familiar with the term ‘Remote Community.” I’ve always said we we are a remote community made up of remote communities, but if that’s us, Alaska may have even more remote communities, both those that are simply hard to reach and those across cultural divides.

Until tomorrow,

Yours in love and service,

Bob H.